Play Fetch in the Snow!

Those tennis balls not working so well in the snow?  If you’re looking for a good “go fetch” toy for your dog this winter, try the Zisc Flying Disc made by West Paw Design.

According to the manufacturer, these dog toys made from Zogoflex® material are tough and durable. But they aren’t rigid, so they are gentle on your dog’s teeth. The Zisc Flying Disc also floats, so it won’t sink right into the snow.

The Zisc® is eco-friendly, recyclable and made in the USA. It comes in two sizes and three colors, plus a new glow in the dark version. Just put Zisc Glow in a window or under a bright light for five minutes and you’re good to glow.  About $11 for the small Zisc and $15 for the large size; the Zisc Glow runs a couple of dollars more. Buy them at WestPawDesign and many online retailers, including,, OnlyNaturalPet and northwest


PetravelR™ loves a good romp in the snow!


Travel Toy for Your Kitty

If you’re looking for something to entertain your cat while traveling, check out Supercat Catnip Caves.

Catnip Caves 1

What cat doesn’t love playing with a bag – and these contain irresistible catnip.  SuperCat Catnip Caves are basically paper bags infused with catnip.  The Catnip Caves Cat Toy employs the same technology as Scratch ‘N Sniff stickers to release catnip scent when rubbed, buffed, crumpled, or scratched.  When your furball plays with this toy, each movement releases a nose-pleasing whiff.


Each Catnip Caves Cat Toy constantly releases enticing catnip scent for approximately six weeks for a long lasting catnip experience.  Made in the USA, Supercat Catnip Caves are sold in packages of 4.

PetravelR™ thinks these are great for traveling – they are lightweight and easy to pack.  You might also try them as a treat or distraction when you travel but poor kitty gets left at home with a pet sitter.

Catnip Caves 2

Available at numerous brick and mortar and online retailers including  OldMaidCatLady, DrsFosterandSmith, and PetFoodDirect for about $5 per pack, plus shipping.


Doggy Drencher Sprinkler

PetravelR™ has found another cool summer toy for you and your dog.  Set up the Outward Hound Doggy Drencher in the yard on a hot day and have some fun!


Perfect for splashing up some interactive outdoor fun.  Simply hook up the Doggy Drencher rotating sprinkler to a conventional garden hose and see it spin and shoot out water.  Great way to keep your dog, entertained, cool, and hydrated on hot summer days.

doggy drencher 2The Outward Hound Doggy Drencher is available for about $20, plus shipping, direct from Outward Hound, and from several retailers including, BaxterBooBed, Bath and Beyond, and Amazon.


Colorful Springs to Amuse Your Cat

If you’re looking for an inexpensive toy to entertain your cat while traveling, PetravelR™ suggests a pack of Spot Brand Colorful Springs.  Small enough to fit in your purse or backpack, they’re perfect for vacations, road trips, or even as a distraction on a visit to the vet.

Cat colorful springs - thin

These crazy and colorful plastic springs are not only economical, but lots of fun for your cat to play with.  They bounce erratically to amuse your cat, and their vibrant colors add to the fun. Your cat will have fun chasing them around.  Fun for solo or interactive play.

Cat colorful springs wide


Spot Brand Colorful Springs are designed with no wires for safety. As with all toys, supervise your cat’s play time. Periodically inspect each toy for signs of excessive wear or damage and immediately remove any worn toys from your cat’s play environment.



Cat colorful springs thin pack

Cat colorful springs wide pack-2








Colorful Springs come in both thin and wide versions, in packs of ten in assorted colors.  Available at many retailers for under $5 plus shipping, including,,, and Merriman Trading Co.


Cool Dog Toys for Hot Days

When you think it’s too hot for to play fetch with your dog, consider one of these cool water-filled dog balls.

PetravelR™ found these two products online, and there are also Hydro Saucers available if that’s your dog’s preferred game.


The Hydro Ball is an innovative chew and fetch toy for your pet that combines fun with refreshment.  It’s a durable rubber ball in cold water and with a foam core that you soak in cold water.   The Hydro Ball gradually releases water through specially designed holes as your dog plays, helping to keep him hydrated. It can be frozen for even greater pleasure.


The Multi-Pet Squirt Ball will help quench your dog’s thirst on a hot summer day.  Great filled with ice water, Squirt Ball, releases a hydrating burst with every bite!  Just submerge the ball in a bowl of water, squeeze it flat and let it fill with with water.  Once it’s full, just toss it to your dog for some refreshing fun.

Squirt ball






These dog toys are available at a number of pet supply and general retailers, but prices vary significantly (from about $7 to $28, plus shipping!).

Splash Pad Puppy Party!

Wausau and Marathon County, Wisconsin are hosting a Dog Gone Pool Party for dogs and their people on Sunday, June 21, from 5:30 to 8:00 PM.  Okay, so it’s technically not a “pool party,” because it will be held at the Marathon Park Splash Pad and not at a pool.

Dog splash pad 1

But PetravelR™ thinks it still sounds like a great time, plus this off-leash dog romp helps raise funds for reduced-cost pool passes and swimming lessons for families who couldn’t otherwise afford them.  The cost is only $5/person, and youths ages 13 and under get in free with a paid adult ticket.  And there will be door prizes!

Marathon SplashPad

Dog splash pad 2


There is a limit of two dogs per adult.  Dog owners must bring proof of current vaccinations. All dogs must have current rabies tags and a collar or harness.  Dogs must be well socialized to people and other animals. Aggressive dogs will not be allowed to participate. Good Dogs are welcome to be off-leash!


Two more Dog Gone Pool Parties are scheduled at Marathon Park this summer on Monday August 3 and Sunday August 16.  And if you think these events are a lot of fun, then be sure to come back next winter for the Dog Gone Snow Stomps!


Doggie Disguise?

Is your dog so well known that he needs to travel incognito, just to avoid the (ouch) puparazzi? Then PetravelR™ suggests the Humunga Stache.


The Humunga Stache is actually a giant mustache on one side and a black rubber chew ball on the other. Ridiculous?  Of course! But for $15 you and your dog can afford to be a little silly. Comes in large, small, and mini – which we think is based on the size of your dog, not his stache preference.

humunga stache 2

humunga stache smallhumunga stache-1






Available direct from Moody Pet and at numerous online retailers, including metropolis, entirelypets, doggiedaysboutique,, healthy pets, and valuepetsupplies.


Monitor Your Pet’s Daily Activity!

When we travel, we often get out of our normal routine and may not get our regular exercise.  The same is true for our pets.  But now you can keep track of your pet’s daily activity level with the Whistle Activity Monitor, whether at home or on the road (with or without your pet, because you can monitor his/her activity long distance). PetravelR™ admits to loving cool gadgets, and this one is really neat – sort of a canine Fitbit!

Whistle Activity Monitor

The Whistle Activity Monitor and connected app keep you close to your best friend by helping you create healthy habits, track progress, and stay in touch when you have to be apart.  With the Whistle Activity Monitor, you can -

  • Set a custom goal: Set a daily activity goal customized to your dog’s age, breed, and weight;
  • Track progress: Learn when your dog is most active and the type and quality of exercise they’re getting;
  • Stay connected: Whether you’re at work, on vacation, or out for the day, use Whistle to see what your dog is up to and who they’re with;
  • Compare to similar dogs: Compare your dog’s daily activity and rest with similar pups to see if they’re on the right track.

Whistle Activity Monitor 2

The Whistle app is a central communication hub for you and everyone who cares for your dog. Think of the Whistle Community as your local dog park in your pocket. You can post photos and notes on the Community Board, and share moments, tips, and advice with a network of fellow dog owners.

Whistle Activity Monitor-phoneYou can also use the device to track your dog’s medication and health -

  • Track medication: Never miss a dose by tracking when your dog takes a medication. Set reminders for ongoing treatments and vaccinations.
  • Log food: Keep track of your pet’s nutrition through daily food logging to avoid over and underfeeding.
  • Monitor health trends: Track your dog’s long-term health trends to detect even subtle changes. Get notifications for noteable changes that might require some extra attention.

Whistle monitor 2

The device has wireless data syncing via bluetooth and wifi and is compatible with Apple and Android devices.  The 7+ day rechargeable battery lets you capture over a week’s worth of memories on a single charge.

Whistle-Activity-Monitor 1

The Whistle Activity Monitor has an adjustable strap and fits dogs over 10 pounds.  Compatible with all collars.  Shockproof, ruggedized, and waterproof, so your pup can swim, take a bath, or romp in the rain without worry.

Whistle Activity Monitor black

Available at for $99, including free two-day shipping.


Play Golf With Your Dog . . . sort of

Need to work on your golf swing, but your dog is begging for some quality time? PetravelR™ has found the perfect solution in the Hyper Pet Doggie Driver.

Hyper doggiedriver 1

hyper-dog-doggie-driver 4


Designed just like a golf club, the Hyper Pet Doggie Driver lets you to launch your dog’s ball up to 100 yards. The hand-free design means you just push the club up against the ball to go again, no more touching those slobbery balls!



Fun and easy to use, simply swing this dog toy driver like a normal golf club, with a full and even follow through. The driver works as a fun training or exercise tool for dogs, while also allowing users to practice their golf swing and keep muscles flexible and in shape. The tapered steel shaft provides a golf-grade grip – designed for right-handed golfers. (Sorry lefties!)  Only tennis balls should be used. Comes with one tennis ball. Remember to always supervise your dog when using the ball launcher, and make sure the dog is out of the way when swinging the driver.

Hyper DoggieDriver_3

Unfortunately, it appears that Hyper Pet has discontinued the Doggie Driver, but it is still available at for $29.95 plus shipping.  (If you happen to be in Australia, you can also buy one from Dr Pet.)

TV Just for Dogs!

If you’re still searching for that perfect Christmas gift for your favorite canine, PetravelR™ thinks you should check out DOGTV, the first television network developed specifically for dogs.







DOGTV “provides television for dogs as a 24/7 digital TV channel with dog – friendly programing scientifically developed to provide the right company for dogs when left alone. Through years of research with some of the world’s top pet experts, special content was created to meet specific attributes of a dog’s sense of vision and hearing and supports their natural behavior patterns. The result: a confident, happy dog, who’s less likely to develop stress, separation anxiety or other related problems.”

According to the  DOGTV website, their scientifically designed content is divided into 3 categories, according to what dogs need:

1. Relaxation
Content designed to help the dogs relax, reduce their stress level and keep them calm through soothing music, sounds and visuals.
2. Stimulation
Dogs need to be stimulated, which is hard to achieve when they are home alone. DOGTV uses stimulating scenes with and without other animals, animation sequences and a variety of moving objects to stimulate the dogs. Great care is taken to use just the rights sounds and frequencies to encourage the dog’s playfulness even when home alone.
3. Exposure
Based on the most advanced veterinary science, DOGTV uses special sounds and visuals to help habituate the dog and make him more comfortable in his environment, by exposing him to different day-to-day stimuli.

Just be sure to get your dog outside for a nice game of fetch or a trip to the doggy park, so that he doesn’t turn into a total TV-watching couch potato!