Pet Safe Ice Melt

Did you know that many of the products used to melt ice on sidewalks and steps can be harmful to pets, as well as small children and the environment?

Many de-icers are made with harmful salts. Rock salt and other salt-based ice melters contain sodium chloride or potassium chloride which can heat up to 175 degrees when exposed to water, ice, and low temperatures. Exposure to these salt-based ice melters can can be especially dangerous to dogs. The salts get frozen into the dogs paws and fur. When they are inside with higher temperatures, these salts can burn the skin causing ulcers and redness to tissue which can lead to bacterial infections. Dogs can also develop intestinal problems and inflammation of the stomach (gastritis) from licking the salt-based products off their paws.

Safe Paw Ice Melter 1

PetravelR™ recommends using a salt-free ice melter, such as Safe Paw.  According to the manufacturer, Safe Paw benefits include:

  • Guaranteed safe for pets and children
  • Environmentally safe
  • Won’t harm decking of any kind
  • Safe on asphalt, concrete, and pavers
  • Safe on plants and shrubs
  • Proprietary traction agent (helps prevent
  • slips and falls)
  • Won’t stain or destroy flooring

Safe Paw Ice Melter 2Safe Paw label







Available at many retailers, including Lowes, Home Depot, and Walmart. Also available online at PetSolutions, HealthyPets, EntirelyPets, and Amazon.

Chilly Dog Snuggle Beds

Here’s a neat item that could come in handy while traveling with your pets this winter – the Snuggle Bed by Chilly Dog.

Chilly Dog maggiepic

PetravelR™ thinks the Snuggle Bed is a great idea for small dogs, cats, and other small mammals.  Manufactured in Oregon, the Snuggle Bed is available in two different fabrics – plush faux fur and anti-pill polar fleece.  The bed has a nylon rod hoop that holds the bed open so your pet can snuggle down on a comfy polyester fiberfill pillow. The  hoop will hold its shape and not bend!

Chilly Dog fleeceChilly Dog leopard plush



The Snuggle Bed is easy to care for:

  • The Nylon rod comes apart and slips out.
  • Velcro fasteners open for easy pillow removal
  • Bed and pillow are machine wash/dry

Chilly Dog

Snuggle Beds come in three sizes: Small, 24″ x 24″ with a 15.5″ diameter hoop, for pets under 20 pounds and best for short legged dogs; Medium, 27″ x 30″ with a 18.5″ diameter hoop, for pets under 35 pounds, best for small dogs with longer legs; Large, 36″ x 30″ with a 22″ diameter hoop, for pets under 50 pounds. Available from the Chilly Dog Beds Etsy store for $84 to $112.


Portable Dog Tent

We’ve found another great piece of pet travel gear - the Dog Bag Pet Tent from Pet Ego.

DogBag flat

The Dog Bag Pet Tent is a unique foldable, portable, durable pet tent and containment system.  This portable pet home offers a super-strong pop-up frame that allows you to easily take it anywhere you go.  Perfect for traveling with your pet, short trips in the car, a day at the park or anywhere you want to take your dog with you and have a place for your dog to rest, relax, or remain safely contained.

DogBag car






Made of claw-proof mesh and integrated sprung steel loops to provide structure, the Pet Ego Dog Bag Pet Tent is a breeze to set up and fold away for easy storage and transport.  The Dog Bag Pet Tent is completely foldable and portable.  When not in use if fits conveniently the Dog Bag Back Pack, which is included.

DogBag knapsack

Available in three sizes:
Small = 24″L x 24″W x 24″H (for small to medium sized dogs like Sheltie, Shiba Inu, Schnauzer and Pug)
Medium = 29.5″L x 29.5″W x 31.5″H (for medium to large sized dogs like Labrador, Dalmatian and Golden Retriever)
Large = 35.5″L x 35.5″W x 33.5″H (for large sized dogs like Siberian Husky, Border Collie, German Shepherd and Rottweiler)

DogBag restaurant

You can find Pet Ego Dog Bag Pet Tent at a number of retailers including PetSmart, Petco,, and petocart.  Prices range from about $95-$130 for a small tent to about $140-$161 for a large one, plus shipping.

PetravelR™ thinks this “pup” tent is pretty cool.

Traveling with Turtles

While we are on the subject of tortoises and turtles, PetravelR™ thought we’d share some tips on traveling with your pet turtle.

pet turtle 3

It’s best not to travel with your pet turtle unless absolutely necessary, but if you must transport your turtle here are some suggestions for traveling by car:

Transport Box

  • For car travel, use a sturdy clean plastic or cardboard box, bot not a hard rigid container or glass tank. Never transport your turtle in a container filled with water.
  • Line the bottom of the box with a thick layer of newspaper and/or towels  (but avoid any with loose threads or loops that could entangle the turtle’s claws).  The box should have a bit of space, but not allow the turtle to move around too much.
  • The container should have a lid that closely securely to prevent escape, to keep out drafts, and to keep it dark. The turtle will likely burrow under and sleep.
  • Drill holes in the lid for ventilation. For longer trips, you may want to open up the box periodically to let in some fresh air.
  • For extended trips you may want to mist your turtle and or dampen the padding at the bottom, but don’t forget that this will be cooling to the turtle so only do this if you can keep the turtle warm enough.
  • Regularly check to make sure they have not flipped over and clean up any waste that may be present.

pet turtle 1Temperature 

  • Keep ambient air temperatures around 70F-85F
  • Use a thermometer on the turtles box to monitor the temperature and check every 15-30 minutes. A digital thermometer with a wired probe will allow you to check without having to open the box.

Hot weather

  • Overheating is typically more of a concern that being too cool (though a cold turtle will be sluggish).
  • Keep the box out of direct sunlight.
  • If your car has air conditioning, you can use this to keep the car cool, being careful not to let the turtle get too cool (and don’t put the turtle in front of an air vent).
  • Mist the turtle if you cannot cool the air down. You can also wipe it down with a cool towel. You can regularly mist your turtle or keep the padding damp; evaporation of this water will be cooling.
  • You can also place the turtles box inside a cooler (the styrofoam ones work well for this) and add a wrapped cool pack to the cooler. Keep the cool pack separated from the turtle itself.
  • Never put an ice pack or cool pack directly in the turtle’s box — the turtle can get frostbite! 

Cooler weather 

  • Place the transport box with the turtle inside a cooler or large plastic tub.
  • Add a wrapped heat pack (a bottle of hot water, or a chemical heat pack for longer trips). Make sure that these heat sources are securely wrapped and protected and DO NOT put them in direct contact with the turtle.
  • Never let the turtle sit next to an unwrapped source of heat, or it will get burns.

Overnighting in Hotels

  • If you need to stop overnight, make arrangements well ahead of time and make sure you get permission to keep your turtle in your room.
  • Bring a medium sized plastic storage tub that will fit inside a bathtub so that you can give your turtle some warm water to swim in. When you pack your turtle back up in the morning, simply dump the turtle’s water down the toilet.
  • Do not put your turtle directly in the tub or sink or let him roam around the room (due to the risk of contaminating surfaces with Salmonella bacteria).  To be on the safe side, wipe down the bathroom surfaces and anywhere else the turtle may have had contact with anti-bacterial wipes.

pet turtle 2

Photos courtesy of the Turtle Rescue League


Cat Caddy & Cozy Bed Combo

Here’s a cute little travel caddy for your cat that also doubles as a travel bed and hide-a-way.

woven pet caddy-1

The Woven Pet Caddy is both a carrier and bed. The door can be removed when indoors, yet safe and securely locked when on the go.  According to the manufacture, the Caddy’s study design will keep your cat or other small pet secure and comfortable (although PetravelR™ suspects that rabbits and other pets that like to gnaw might chew their way right through the Pet Caddy). “Your pet (or pets) will slumber on the durable, comfy pillow – in luxury, and they’ll feel secure as they snuggle up inside the cozy house.”

The Woven Pet Caddy comes in small (15″W x 15″D x 16.5″H) and large (16″W x 15.5″D x 19″H) sizes. Available from for $80 for the small Caddy and $90 for the large, plus $20 shipping, and you can get an extra pillow for an additional $10.


GPS Pet Tracker

Most people know that it’s a really good idea to have pets microchipped so that they can be easily identified if lost.  But you can also buy a GPS tracking device that attaches to your pet’s collar and lets you track your dog or cat’s movements in real time.


The Tagg GPS Pet Tracker is one monitoring device and service (there are others available) that allows you to keep track of your pet wherever he or she goes.

  • Tagg uses cellular and GPS technology to pinpoint your pet’s location anywhere in the U.S.
  • If you ever need it, Tagg provides maps and directions so you can find your pet quickly and easily
  • Get texts, emails and even in-app notifications so you’ll know right away if your pet gets lost
  • Tagg also monitors your pets’ surroundings and alerts you when they get too hot or cold
  • Tagg can last up to 10 days, and recharges in about an hour
  • The Tagg device is waterproof, so your dog can swim with it

Tagg 4Tagg 2

The Tagg GPS Pet Tracker even lets you define your pet’s home base and tells you if they wander off.  Ah, now PetravelR™ gets it – this works just like the ankle bracelet Neal Caffrey wore in White Collar!

The Tagg Pet Tracker costs $80-$120, with monthly fees of $7-$10 for the required service plan.


Guinea Pig Tips

Adopt a Rescue Guinea Pig Month is almost over - officially, at least. PetravelR™ thinks every month is adopt a rescue guinea pig month, and rescue rabbit, and rescue dog, and rescue cat, and rescue turtle, and rescue gerbil, and rescue  . . . . homeless animal month.

Cavy Care 1

But before the official Adopt a Rescue Guinea Pig Month comes to an end, for this week’s “Tuesday Tips” we have a cute little “New Pet Tips” video from Petco about guinea pigs.  We think these tips are important not only when you first bring home your pet guinea pig, but also if you relocate with your piggie and he has to adapt to a new home.

Peninsula GP 1

Metro GP 1Metro GP 2


Santa Fe Animal Shelter Adoptables!

Just a reminder that PetravelR™ is spotlighting the Santa Fe Animal Shelter on Adopt a Friend.  Today we are featuring some of their wonderful animals who are waiting for forever homes, maybe with you!

If you have made the careful decision to bring a companion animal into your life, chances are that the Santa Fe Animal Shelter has a dog, cat, kitten, puppy, ferret, rabbit, guinea pig, or other fuzzy critter that will match your home and lifestyle.  Here are just a few of them.




Janey is a very gentle and sweet 8 year old white and tan Pointer mix. She weighs 50 lbs. Janey came to us as a stray and is looking to go to her new loving home. She gets along with other dogs and staff and walks very well on leash, but if you have another dog now, please bring him/her in for a meet and greet.





Rogue is a beautiful black American Pitbull terrier who is now available for adoption. She currently weighs 60 lbs and is 6 years old, and is spayed. She is now looking for a new home. Come by the shelter and spend some time with this girl.



Jessie Belle

Jessie Belle

Jessie Belle is a 7 year old female Poodle mix, and is full grown at about 13lbs. She came to the shelter with her buddy Cisco when their owner, a disabled veteran, could no longer care for them. Jessie Belle is very lively and sweet and wants to share her love with you.




Ozzie is a very playful young Mastiff-Pit Bull blend, who is currently helping our behavior staff in introducing shy dogs to play groups. He is a beautiful black and white boy, who is ready for a new and loving permanent home.


Max & Maya

Max & Maya

Max & Maya are a lovely lop house rabbit pair! Maya is the smaller, more adventurous, outgoing bunny while Max is the larger, more reserved/cautious one. Maya allows herself to be held once she knows you, whereas Max prefers his feet firmly on the ground. Nudging is Maya’s way of communicating when she wants attention & Max will ‘thump’ when alarmed. Both are litter-box trained & used to living as free-ranging house rabbits. Maya arrived with a broken leg which shelter vets splinted for 6 weeks & then underwent physical therapy. She now gets around perfectly fine & Max is usually nearby. Bonded rabbits should never be separated since they bond for life.

Really & Thumper

Really & Thumper

Really & Thumper are a wonderful bonded pair of rabbits.  Really is a spayed female, white and black shorthair and Thumper is a neutered male, black and white Dutch.  Really & Thumper are on the timid side, but with the right calm indoor situation & lots of tender loving care, they’ll come around in time.  They need a roomy bunny condo to live in and are already litter-box trained.



Coco is an 8 month old gentle, somewhat shy spayed house bunny with super soft chocolate brown fur. She’d like to find a quiet, indoor home where she will be loved and pampered the rest of her days by kind caretakers. She’ll need spacious indoor x-pen housing to live in since she’s a large bunny & at least 3+ hours of daily exercise time in your rabbit-proofed home.




Chandler is a 4 year old white and tan domestic short hair cat. He came to the Shelter as a stray, and seemed to have gotten into quite a scuff. Our amazing vet staff has taken care of him and is now looking for a safe and loving home. He is quiet and friendly and would love to go home with you.




Mystic is a sweet 8 year old kitty who has a beautiful black and gold coat. She is a big girl, weighing almost 15 lbs, but she would still love a chance to nap on your lap as your new forever pal. SHE GETS ALONG WELL WITH DOGS AND OTHER CATS and would thrive in a home with another pet.




Rapunzel is a 10 year old brown tabby domestic short hair. This little Tiger Stripe weighs about 10 lbs and came to us from the Albuquerque Shelter to find a new home in Santa Fe.





Arturo the gerbil is definitely an interesting newcomer. He is smart, healthy, friendly, and inquistive. He can be an interesting and fun addition to your home.





Lyle is a medium sized fresh water turtle that came to the shelter from California.


Find other adoptable animals on the Santa Fe Animal Shelter website. You can even take a video tour of the Shelter’s Adoptions Center!

Partnered with the community, the Santa Fe Animal Shelter is working for change in the lives of companion animals and to end the suffering of all animals.  You can support their efforts through their planned giving and monthly giving programs, by making a secure, tax-deductible donation online, purchasing items online from the New Hope Program Wish List, or donating other much-needed supplies.

PetravelR™ urges you to support your local shelters and rescues by adopting, volunteering, and donating. And remember that spaying and neutering helps reduce overpopulation and makes your pets better family member!

In-Cabin Pet Travel on International Flights

Many pet owners may not be aware that the rules for air travel with pets continue to change.  The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) recommends that you do not transport your pet by airplane unless absolutely necessary, and either drive or leave your pet with a trustworthy sitter while you’re away.

But PetravelR™ realizes that sometimes air travel is your only option, if you are relocating overseas, for example.  The good news is that, in recent years, it has become possible to bring some pets on some international flights with you in the passenger cabin.  Once of the best resources for the most up-to-date on airline travel policies and other rules (quarantines, veterinary certificates, etc.) is the U.S. State Department website (which provides this information for the convenience of Foreign Service officers transferring between posts).

TSA Fast Pass Header

Here are the current policies for U.S. flag carriers:

American Airlines - Cats and dogs are the only types of pets accepted on American Airlines. In-cabin transport permitted only within and between the United States and Canada, Mexico, Central America, Colombia and the Caribbean provided the country of arrival permits entry. In-cabin pets are not allowed on flights to Hawaii.

Delta Airlines - Dogs, cats and household birds can travel with you in the cabin to the following destinations: U.S./Canada, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, some international destinations. Delta does not accept pets in the cabin to/from the following locations: Australia. Barbados, Dakar, Dubai, Hong Kong, Iceland, Jamaica, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, United Kingdom, or United Arab Emirates.

United Airlines - United allows domesticated cats, dogs, rabbits and birds to travel accompanied in the aircraft cabin on most flights within the U.S. United does not currently publish its in-cabin pet policies for international flights on its website, and you will need to call the airline directly.  (Be sure to get something in writing!)


Remember that there are also many foreign flag (non-U.S.) carriers that may allow your pet to travel with you in the passenger cabin.  For example, Finnair allows small cats, dogs, rabbits and rodents to be transported in the cabin on intercontinental flights, with certain restrictions.

Before booking a flight, ALWAYS check the air carriers’ current rules for pet transport.  If one airline will not permit your pet in-cabin, keep looking because different airlines have different pet policies!

Doggie Sun Goggles!

Whether you and your dog are planning a warm weather getaway (say, to the pet-friendly Ritz Carleton Golf Resort in Naples, FL or the Peninsula Beverly Hills), or you are taking your canine companion on the road in a motorcycle side car, PetravelR™ thinks you might want a pair of these Doggles eye protectors -

Doggles 1

Doggles Dog Sunglasses are made for dogs who need protection from the sun’s harmful rays, flying debris, wind, rocks, or bugs. Designed for dogs with foam padding around the entire frame, and soft adjustable head and chin straps. Doggles have shatterproof, polycarbonate anti-fog lenses with 100% UV protection and can be customized with prescription lenses upon request.


The Originalz Doggles has a full frame and fixed lenses (not interchangeable or replaceable). The shallow lens cup is more suited to dogs with less protruding eyes and eyes that are closer together. Small, medium, and large sizes, available in in black, chrome, and blue.

Doggles 3Doggles 2





Doggles ILS offers a deeper lens cup, very flexible rubber frame, and wider nose bridge.  The extra deep lens cup keeps the lenses away from the eyes.  The new and improved ILS were designed from the beginning to be lighter and more comfortable for dogs. Change your lens color anytime you want – for fashion or function with the Doggles Interchangeable lenses, sold separately. This style is suited to all dog head shapes and sizes. Doggles ILS are available in five sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) and eleven fashion colors/designs.

Doggles ILS 1Doggles ILS 2

DOGGLES ILS pink zebraDOGGLES-ILSblackFlame








Available online direct from Doggles and from numerous retailers, including EntirelyPets, DogSupplies.comDrs Foster and SmithPupRWear BoutiqueDoggie DivaBaxter Boo, and Amazon. Prices from $10 to $20 for Originalz Doggles, and $12 to $24 for Doggles ILS (plus shipping).

According to the manufacturer, whether your best friend accompanies you on a motorcycle ride, hangs their head out of the truck, loves to sunbathe, or is sensitive to light, Doggles will be sure to keep their peepers safe!  You can rest assured, and they’ll love the extra attention.  How cool will your dog look in the latest doggy shades!