Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue

In honor of Adopt a Rescue Rabbit Month, PetravelR’s™ Adopt a Friend is featuring Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue.

Sweet Binks rabbit pair

Sweet Binks is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, all-volunteer shelter and educational organization in Rhode Island.  They are New England’s first state-licensed rabbit shelter, and are also the Rhode Island Chapter of the House Rabbit Society.



Sweet Binks is dedicated to helping homeless, abandoned and neglected rabbits and educating to prevent abandonment and improving the lives of companion rabbits.  Sweet Binks assists Rhode Island and other area shelters with 150 to 200 abandoned rabbits a year.


Sweet Binks offers adoptable rabbits looking for loving, permanent homes.  All adoptable, rescued rabbits are located at Bunland, their custom 1800 sq. ft. shelter facility in Foster, Rhode Island.  Bunland has three living sections (12’ x 14’) which house approximately 8 – 10 buns each, and two smaller sections 14’ x 6’ for new arrivals (un-spayed females and one for un-neutered males).  There is also a quarantine area for new rabbits with various medical issues to be treated before entering the main rabbit living sections.  Each bun section has a basement hopper window, which the buns love!  Also, skylights and many windows for a great source of natural light, and for basking in the sun!

Sweet Binks 2

Sweet Binks has placed over 1950 rabbits into great homes in the last eleven years!  They are grateful to those who have adopted from Sweet Binks and those who support them, including the invaluable Sweet Binks Volunteers!  Sweet Binks also provides education on proper rabbit care and diet, and assists rabbit caretakers with any questions they may have.  They even help with special rabbit care training, such as angora grooming techniques.

Sweet Binks 1

PetravelR™ encourages you to support Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue by becoming a member, volunteering your time, adopting a bunny, or making a tax-deductible donation to this great organization.  And please help spread the message to ADOPT A BUNNY!

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