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Because March is Adopt a Rescue Guinea Pig Month, PetravelR™ is featuring a number of guinea pig (aka cavy) rescue groups from around the country on Adopt a Friend.

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People are often unaware that many local shelters have guinea pigs, or that a cavy rescue could be located nearby.  According to Petfinder, in many parts of the country, hundreds of rescued guinea pigs need homes – primarily as a result of caretaker surrenders.

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Here are some interesting facts about guinea pigs, courtesy of Peninsula Guinea Pig Rescue in Virginia:

  • The scientific name for the domestic guinea pig is Caviidae porcellus. They are related to the mouse, beaver, porcupine and capybara.
  • In South America, where they are known as ‘cuy’, they are believed to have great powers of healing. In Indian cultures, it is thought that they have the power to appease the spirits. It is also believed that the guinea pig can help people pass from one stage of life to another. It plays a large part in the celebration of Patron Saints Day.
  • President Theodore Roosevelt had several pet guinea pigs.
  • Sadly, 500,000 guinea pigs are specially bred and sold to laboratories where they are used in scientific research each year!

critter connection 1

The Critter Connection is a non-profit group in Durham, Connecticut dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of abandoned and neglected guinea pigs. Founded in early 2004, the rescue was created to help abandoned guinea pigs that had nowhere to go because larger shelters are not equipped to care for them.  Since its opening, The Critter Connection has taken in more than 1,500 abandoned guinea pigs. The rescue also dedicates itself to educating pet owners in the proper care of guinea pigs, providing valuable information about their unique dietary, housing, and health needs.  Your tax-deductible donations and contributions of guinea pig food and supplies are greatly appreciated!

critter connection logoThe Critter Connection has many guinea pigs who are looking for either permanent or foster homes. These cute little furry ones are abandoned and neglected just like cats and dogs and don’t always have somewhere to go.

Visit their website to see if a guinea pig might be the right pet for you and to learn more about adopting a guinea pig or a pair of piggies.

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Wheek Care Guinea Pig Rescue, located in Pennsylvania, provides rescue, medical, and sanctuary services to all guinea pigs while also providing boarding, grooming, bonding, and respite.  Guided by decades of experience and a general passion for guinea pigs, Wheek Care is qualified to educate the general public and potential adopters on proper guinea pig care.  The goal of education is to assist people in becoming better equipped to care for their own guinea pigs, as well as making informed decisions as to whether or not a cavy is the right companion animal for their families.  If you are interested in adopting a guinea pig from Wheek Care, review their adoption guidelines and then take a look at their available guinea pigs.

Your donations to the Wheek Care Guinea Pig Rescue assist with the cost of operating the rescue, including veterinary care, food, and supplies.  If you live in the area, you can also volunteer to foster guinea pigs awaiting permanent homes or to help in other ways.

Have  Heart GP logo Have a Heart Guinea Pig Rescue is based out of Burlington, New Jersey.  Founded in June 2001, the rescue works together with the foster homes to rescue guinea pigs and on occasion other small animals from kill shelters and find them loving, forever homes. Have a Heart is also dedicated to the prevention of unwanted litters.

Have a Heart 1


Have a Heart appreciates your donations, which go toward veterinary costs and supplies for the proper care of their rescued piggies.  Remember… even the smallest donation goes a long way in the eyes of these little furry friends!  You can also donate items from the Piggie Wish List!

Foster families for guinea pigs are always needed – you don’t even need to live in New Jersey, because Have a Heart also places guinea pigs in foster homes in New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  Of course, that also means that if you live in one of those states and are interested in adopting a guinea pig, there might be one nearby that is perfect for you!

Metro GP 1
Metro GP 2

Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that rescues, rehabilitates, and finds new homes for guinea pigs in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area.  They also work to educate the public on the proper care of guinea pigs.  Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue works with local animal shelters and, at times, do special rescues. MGPR is composed entirely of unpaid volunteers who foster available guinea pigs in their homes. This allows each guinea pig to receive personalized attention.  You can learn more about fostering or adopting a guinea pig on their website where you can see MGPR’s available guinea pigs, and also learn about properly caring for a guinea pig.

Metropolitan GP rescue logo


Your tax-deductible contributions will greatly improve the ability of Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue to rescue and care for guinea pigs.  You can also support their work by shopping through


Peninsula GP 2

Peninsula Guinea Pig Rescue was created in 2009 to assist with the multitude of unwanted and abandoned guinea pigs in the Peninsula region of Virginia, including Hampton, Newport News, and Yorktown.  To date, they have rescued over 160 guinea pigs and placed them with wonderful loving families. They also provide therapy guinea pigs for convalescent homes and hospitals, and their piggies visit with school age children to help tackle a variety of issues, such as reading skills, bullying, fear, intimidation, sharing, confidence building skills etc.

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Visit the Peninsula Guinea Pig Rescue website for information about adopting and caring for a guinea pig, and to view their current adoptables.




Crazy Cavies is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, no kill guinea pig only rescue in Lauderhill, Florida that provides a temporary safe haven for abandoned, neglected and/or homeless guinea pigs. Crazy Cavies educates the public and finds quality forever homes for guinea pigs throughout the state of Florida. They partner with other organizations to stop the unnecessary euthanasia of guinea pigs.  Your tax-deductible donations to Crazy Cavies help them care for homeless guinea pigs and find them new forever homes!

Crazy Cavies wants you to know that guinea pigs are fantastic pets with lots of personality and plenty of love to give, but are not the right pets for everybody. Visit their adoption page to learn more about caring for a guinea pig and how to adopt one of your own!

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If you are interested in getting a pet guinea pig, please ADOPT - do not buy one at your local pet store.  If you are not located near any of these rescue groups (we’ll also be featuring guinea pig rescues in the midwest and west next week!), then check with your local shelters or search for adoptable guinea pigs in your area on the many wonderful online adoption sites: Petfinder,, Petango, and  And please do your research first to learn whether a guinea pig is the right pet for you!

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