Two Great Places to Find a New Friend in Fairfax County, VA

This week PetravelR™ features two wonderful organizations that are helping homeless pets in Fairfax County, Virginia.

The first is The Friends of Fairfax County Animal Shelter (FFCAS).  Each year, more than 5,000 domestic animals make their way to Fairfax County’s municipal (government) animal shelter. Some are strays. And, others are pets surrendered by their owners or confiscated by the county due to neglect or mistreatment.  The FFCAS supports the Fairfax County Animal Shelter by providing additional resources to the shelter, promoting the adoption of homeless dogs, cats, birds, small mammals and reptiles in Fairfax County, and educating the community on the importance of spaying and neutering pets.

FFCAS_bannerThe FFCAS is an independent 501(c)(3) all-volunteer organization, and not a part of the Fairfax County government. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law and are gratefully accepted, no matter the amount.  With donor and volunteer support, the FFCAS provides medical care, food, supplies and so much more to help the shelter care for these loving animals.

Fairfax dog Sweet Jane

Fairfax gp MarcoFairfax rabbit LeleFairfax hamster DaffyFairfax dog PapooFairfax cat Coco




Through the generosity of their donors, The Friends of Fairfax County Animal Shelter has been able to:

  • Provide emergency medical treatment to shelter animal
  • Purchase much needed equipment and supplies for the shelter
  • Support the foster program by providing food, specialty supplies and other items to help loving families temporarily care for animals in their homes
  • Fund additional training for shelter staff
  • Assist with efforts to spay and neuter animals in our community
  • Support special adoption events at the shelter
  • Promote and support humane trap–neuter–return (TNR) efforts to manage feral cat populations
  • Support pet victims in domestic abuse situations by funding care for them when they can’t be housed at the shelter as part of the Safe Haven Program
  • Provide grooming and medical care to increase the adoptability of special needs shelter animals

Please support The Friends of Fairfax County Animal Shelter by becoming a member or making a tax deductible donation.  Individuals and businesses can also support the FFCAS with a Shelter Pet Sponsorship. Sponsors can either give a give a partial payment of a cat or dog’s adoption fee or a gift certificate for a pet-related product or service.  Shelter Pet Sponsors advocate for the adoption of the sponsored pet on websites, social media, in newsletters, by word of mouth, etc. FFCAS will email each business a meme for each sponsored pet that includes the pet’s photo and a sponsorship logo.  You can also buy some great FFCAS-logo gear at their Cafe Press store.  And keep up with their latest news and events on the FFCAS Facebook Page.


HSFC logo

The Humane Society of Fairfax County (HSFC) was established in 1965 as a non-profit organization to rescue and protect animals both domestic and wild from abuse, neglect, abandonment, and cruelty.  Its mission is to promote humane education; to prevent all forms of cruelty to animals, both domestic and wild, by every legitimate means; and to assist the community with all matters pertaining to the welfare of animals.

HSFC has dogs, cats, rabbits, small mammals, birds, reptiles, and horses available for adoption. Some of these animals are housed at the HSFC facilities in Fairfax and Centerville, Virginia, and others are cared for in foster homes.  All HSFC dogs, cats, and rabbits are spayed or neutered prior to adoption.  HSFC also runs Ani-Meals, a pet food pantry. It offers pet food and related pet care items to residents of Fairfax County, and the surrounding area, who may require assistance during these difficult economic times.

HSFC Jack_1

HSFC Sampson_6

HSFC SnowHSFC GretelHSFC Austin4HSFC Bruce














HSFC volunteers operate the Second Chance Thrift Store in Fairfax. If you are in the area, be sure to stop in and browse the thrift store for fine collectibles, antiques, or other treasures. (PetravelR loves Second Chance – whenever we clear out the closets and cabinets and drop by with items to donate, we can’t resist doing a little shopping while we are there!)

You can also support the HSFC by donating or becoming a member.  And be sure to get your tickets for the HSFC benefit A Toast to the Animals on Saturday, October 18 at the Paradise Springs Winery.

If you live in northern Virginia, PetravelR™ asks you to please consider volunteering your time with one of these dedicated non-profit groups.  If you’re not, you can always make a tax deductible donation to help them help the animals.

PetravelR™ urges you to support your local shelters and rescues by adopting, volunteering, and donating.  And remember that spaying and neutering helps reduce overpopulation and makes your pets better family members.

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