Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society

The Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society (MCRS) is a volunteer-based, 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of companion rabbits.  Their mission to reduce the number of unwanted rabbits and to improve the lives of companion rabbits by educating the public and assisting humane societies, and to help shelter and rescue rabbits find permanent homes.  You can support MCRS by making a tax-deductible donation here.

To raise awareness, MCRS has launched the Rabbit Revolution, to dethrone cats as the #1 interweb species.  Visit MCRS to vote for your  favorite “BRING ON THE BUNNIES” contestant:  Geronimo, Cricket, Lenny, Greyshorts or Harvey.  While you’re there, be sure to watch the Hoppy Hour video.

RABBITS vs CATS “Time to Dethrone Cats” from Lucky Branded Entertainment on Vimeo.

MCRS believes that every rabbit deserves a chance at life and finding the right forever home. Successful adoption of homeless rabbits is an integral part of the MCRS mission. Adopting a rabbit is a big decision and should be carefully considered. When you adopt a rabbit, you are making a commitment to love, care for, and protect the rabbit for its entire life—which could be over 10 years!

12 Things to Consider Before You Adopt

  1. Which adult(s) in the family will be the primary caretaker(s)?
  2. Are you prepared for a possible 10­year commitment to this rabbit?
  3. Does everyone in your family want a rabbit?
  4. Are you prepared to provide proper veterinary care for your rabbit, including any necessary vet visits?
  5. Is anyone in your home allergic to rabbits or hay?
  6. Do you have an appropriate indoor pen/cage and supplies?
  7. Is your home able to be sufficiently “bunny­proofed”?
  8. Do you currently have animals that could endanger the rabbit?
  9. Have you had a rabbit before? Where is it now?
  10. Will you be able to supervise any children around this rabbit?
  11. Are you allowed to have rabbits in your house/apartment?
  12. If you move, get married, have a baby, or if the kids lose interest, are you prepared to keep your rabbit?

One thought on “Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society

  1. Ryan O'Hara Theisen

    Hello PettravelIR.com,

    We wanted to thank you for posting about our MCRS “RABBITS vs CATS’ Videos and online voting contest. Due to whispers of some national media attention, we have made the decision to extend the voting until Oct. 5th, the Friday of the week of International Rabbit Day.

    Just wanted you and your readers to know there is now extended time to vote on rabbits!



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