Fireworks Safety for Pets

With July 4th only a few days away, PetravelR™ would like to share some important fireworks safety tips.  Exposure to fireworks can can severe burns and trauma to pets (as well as people), and exploding fireworks frighten many animals.


  • Keep your pets aware from all fireworks, even unexploded ones, because they often contain toxic substances,
  • If you are going out to watch fireworks, be sure to leave your pets at home,
  • Keep your pets indoors for the evening, in a comfortable and secure area,
  • White noise or soothing music can mask the sound of fireworks,
  • Turn on the TV or radio to distract your pets from outside noise,
  • If your pet is particularly sensitive to loud noise, consider a Thundershirt or Calming Collar.

Uncle Sam catUncle Sam dog 1







Enjoy the Independence Day festivities, but make sure to keep your pets safe!


Adoptable Cats at Kingdom Animal Shelter!

Kingdom Animal Shelter is featured on PetravelR’s™ Adopt a Friend - do you think you one of their adoptable cats could be a part of your family?

Kingdom adopted cat

Kingdom Animal Shelter is an all-volunteer 501(c) 3 organization that operates a small cat shelter and adoption center in St. Johnsbury, Vermont.  They have cats at the shelter and other in foster homes waiting for their purr-fect forever home!  Here are just a few of their adoptable cats -

Kingdom Hannah

Hannah is a spayed, friendly girl about 3 years old. She likes to lounge around and eat food. Hannah would prefer a home where she is the star, and the only star. Hannah has a surprising amount of energy and uses it to run around and swat toys. She is looking for her ideal home and is wondering, is it yours?

Kingdom Nick


Nick is a neutered male about 2 years old. He was found living as a stray. Nick is very friendly, talkative at times, and full of personality. He is affectionate and likes to sit on laps. Nick is an awesome cat looking for an awesome home. Is your awesome home looking for an awesome cat?


Kingdom Callie

Callie is an approximately 5 year old spayed female who needs companionship. She enjoys being petted, is active and playful, and would prefer to be the only animal in the house. Callie is quite independent, but would prefer a calm home and someone with a good deal of patience. Please stop by the shelter to meet Callie today!


Madison is a spayed female about 1 year old who loves attention.  She is very sweet and loves to be petted. Madison also loves to play and enjoys the company of other cats.  She likes to be read to.  Madison has a lot of energy and is a sweetheart. She is in foster care because she doesn’t seem to like shelter life, and becomes depressed when she is in the shelter, in a cage for most of the day.  But when Madison is in a home, she becomes her real, playful, sweet, self.  Thanks to Madison’s amazing sponsor, half of her adoption fee is paid, and she will go home with a brand new litter box and litter, food bowls, carrier, toys, food, and treats.

Kingdom Madison

If you are interested in adopting a cat from Kingdom Animal Shelter, please complete an Adoption Application.

If you aren’t able to adopt, you can sponsor a cat at the adoption center with your tax-deductible donation. A donation in any amount towards either the cat adoption program, spay/neuter clinic or building fund is always welcome and greatly appreciated.

Kingdom Cat logo

PetravelR™ urges you to support your local shelters and rescues by adopting, volunteering, and donating. And remember that spaying and neutering helps reduce overpopulation and makes your pets better family member!

Canine Cruises on the Potomac!

Bringing your dog to the nation’s capital on your summer vacay?  How about taking your pup on a sightseeing cruise along the Potomac River?

Canine Cruises Potomac banner

The Potomac Riverboat Company offers special canine-friendly cruises on the Matthew Hayes departing from Old Town Alexandria at 11:00 am.  Bring your furry friend for an hour long cruise of Alexandria’s Seaport on Saturday July 11, August 8, or September 12.

Canine Cruise Potomac 5

Advance ticket purchases are strongly recommended. Tickets are $16/adult and $10/children 2-11.  Dogs ride FREE. Dogs must be on a 6ft flat leash at all times.

Canine Cruise Potomac 1Canine Cruise Potomac 3


(And if you’ll be in the area for Halloween, be sure to put the ‘Bark or Treat’ Halloween Canine Cruise on your calendar for Friday, October 30 at 7:00 pm!)

Happy sailing from your friends at PetravelR™!

Canine Cruise Potomac 2

Potomac Riverboat are proud supporters of the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria and City Dogs Rescue.





Pops for Pets!

If you’re looking for something fun and different to do with your dog this weekend, PetravelR™ recommends Sunday’s Pops for Pets concert in Arlington, Virginia.

Pops for Pets AWLA

The Arlington Philharmonic will host the Second Annual Pops for Pets Concert at Lubber Run Amphitheater on Sunday, June 28 at 6:00 p.m. to celebrate the mission of the Animal Welfare League of Arlington (AWLA). Guests are invited to bring their picnic baskets, family, friends and dogs to enjoy the wonderful music that will resonate through the beautiful surroundings.

The Animal Welfare League of Arlington is a private, nonprofit, 501c-3 organization that was founded by volunteers in 1944. AWLA provides sheltering and animal control services under a contract with Arlington County. Other services including low-cost spay/neuter, humane education, pet loss support, emergency veterinary assistance, pet-assisted therapy, fostering, behavior helpline, and specialized medical treatment for shelter animals are all funded by donations.


Some of us here at PetravelR™ attended the first Pops for Pets concert last year and had a great time – we especially enjoyed all the dogs who participated in the unscheduled woof-along!

Cool Dog Toys for Hot Days

When you think it’s too hot for to play fetch with your dog, consider one of these cool water-filled dog balls.

PetravelR™ found these two products online, and there are also Hydro Saucers available if that’s your dog’s preferred game.


The Hydro Ball is an innovative chew and fetch toy for your pet that combines fun with refreshment.  It’s a durable rubber ball in cold water and with a foam core that you soak in cold water.   The Hydro Ball gradually releases water through specially designed holes as your dog plays, helping to keep him hydrated. It can be frozen for even greater pleasure.


The Multi-Pet Squirt Ball will help quench your dog’s thirst on a hot summer day.  Great filled with ice water, Squirt Ball, releases a hydrating burst with every bite!  Just submerge the ball in a bowl of water, squeeze it flat and let it fill with with water.  Once it’s full, just toss it to your dog for some refreshing fun.

Squirt ball






These dog toys are available at a number of pet supply and general retailers, but prices vary significantly (from about $7 to $28, plus shipping!).

Protect Your Dog’s Feet from Summer Burns

We recently blogged about the dangers of sunburn and skin cancer in pets due to overexposure to the sun’s UV rays. PetravelR™ also wants you to be aware of another summer hazard – burned paw pads.

So today’s tip is this – whether you plan on taking your dog on a beach vacation or a daily walk around the neighborhood, be careful that the hot sand, asphalt, or concrete doesn’t leave him with serious burns on his feet.

PAWZ_boots 2

One method of protecting sensitive paw pads is to put booties on your dog’s feet.  There are several different kinds of dog booties on the market (PetravelR™ has previously written about snow boots designed to protect your dog’s feet from ice, snow, and road salt), so we suggest you do your research to see which type is best for your canine friend.  But here is one product that has received good reviews: Pawz Water-Proof Dog Boot.

PAWZ boots 4

Pawz Boots are designed to go on easily and fit securely without zippers or straps. They are waterproof and provide protection from ice, snow, salt, lawn chemicals, as well as hot surfaces.  Like a sock, Pawz moves with your dog, allowing full paw motion and maximum comfort. Made in the USA of natural rubber, these boots are reusable, disposable, and 100% biodegradable. Pawz come 12 in a package and each boot may be worn many times.

PAWZ boots 3

Pawz Boots come in seven sizes from “Tiny” to X-Large and a variety of colors. Available for about $11-$30 per pack at many brick and mortar pet supply stores and boutiques, as well as online retailers including PetSmart, Petco and Amazon.

PAWZ boots 5

And if your dog has figured out a way to get even these secure boots off her feet, you can always invest in a set of (no kidding) Dog Shoe Suspenders designed to hold all brands of dog boots in place.

Boot suspenders

Kingdom Animal Shelter on Adopt a Friend!

This week PetravelR™ is featuring Kingdom Animal Shelter on Adopt a Friend.

Located in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, Kingdom Animal Shelter is an all-volunteer, 501(c)3 organization that provides shelter and adoption services for homeless cats. They also conduct low-cost spay and neuter clinics to help combat pet overpopulation and reduce the number of unwanted, abandoned, and abused animals.  Kingdom Animal Shelter’s long term goal is to build a much-needed shelter to house both dogs and cats.

Kingdom Cat CallieKingdom Cat logo




You can support Kingdom Animal Shelter with a tax-deductible donation to the cat adoption program, the Chucky Fund for veterinary expenses, the spay/neuter clinic, or the building fund.  Or consider becoming a sustaining member with a monthly donation or joining the Sponsor a Cat Condo program.

Kingdom Cat contest

Learn more about Kingdom Animal Shelter on Adopt a Friend - and be sure to visit their website to find out how you can enter your own cat in the Kingdom Animal Shelter 2016 calendar contest!

Kingdom Cat calendar

Take Your Dog Kayaking!

Looking for a something a little different to do with your dog this summer?  PetravelR™ has a suggestion – how about kayaking or paddleboarding in Key West?

Lazy Dog kayak_mollyLazy Dog logo 2




Lazy Dog Kayak & Paddleboard Adventures in Key West, Florida welcomes dogs onboard their rental kayaks and paddle boards, as well as some of their kayak tours.  Take your canine companion on a two-hour guided kayak tour through the shallow, calm, blue-green waters of the back country of Key West. Glide through the winding mangrove creeks and paddle through inches of water, where you can view the mangrove environment up close, along with its marine life including tropical fish, crabs, sea stars, jellyfish, sea cucumbers, sponges and various aquatic birds.


Dogs welcome on any kayak or paddleboard rental or tour EXCEPT the 4 hour tour.  (And, just in case any of you Gilligan’s Island fans are wondering, there is no “three-hour tour.”)

Lazy Dog logo

Georgia SPCA Summer Camp!

The Georgia SPCA in Suwanee, GA will hold their annual Dog (and Cat) Days of Summer Camp next week!

Campers in grades 4-6 will spend the week of June 22-26, from 9 am to 3 pm learning how to become a caring and responsible pet owner through games, arts and crafts, guest speakers, and most of all FUN!

GA SPCA summer camp 1

All campers will receive a t-shirt and a stuffed animal that they will ‘foster’ the first day of camp. Healthy snacks will be provided, but campers should bring a lunch with them each day.  The GA SPCA Summer Camp is taught by Gwinnett K-12 teachers, and several teen camp counselors are responsible for groups of 3-4 campers, making sure everyone takes part in all the activities.

The week-long camp costs $300, which includes T-Shirt, stuffed animal, drinks (water & juices), and arts & craft materials.  Register online now for this wonderful program!

GA SPCA logo

PetravelR™ thinks this is a great way for kids to have fun and learn something important during summer vacation!

Bird Travel Carriers

Most of our travel gear postings are admittedly about products made for dogs, but it seems that the majority of products available are made for dogs.  And we do try to write regularly about stuff for cats, too. Still, PetravelR™ is always on the lookout for items of interest for those less-served pet species.  So today we’re featuring the Pak-o-Bird Travel Carrier by Celltei.

Pak-o-Bird S

Pak-o-Birds are innovative light-weight carriers for travel with pet birds in comfort and safety.  They come in several standard sizes and custom designs.  Whether you’re going for a walk, or planning a short stay at friend’s house or a hotel, Pak-o-Birds provide your feathered friend with his own mobile home.

They can be carried as a front pouch, backpack, shoulder bag or turned into a stroller by adapting it to a special foldable cart.  Roomy, well-ventilated carrier features large stainless steel mesh on three sides with a “skylight” on the back, D-rings on the support panels to keep your bird occupied inside, and multiple padded adjustment points. The back of the carrier as well as the front/back straps are padded for your comfort.  Two reflective strips on the front of the carrier make the carrier visible at night.

Pa-o-Bird on person

You can also secure the Pak-o-Bird to your car’s front or back passenger seats, and your bird will enjoy all the sights and sounds from the luxury of her portable home.  Two loops or sleeves in the back allow the carrier to be strapped to the seat belt in the back seat or around the front passenger seat by a separate strap.

Pak-o-Bird Car

Each Pak-o-Bird comes with a dragon wood perch and two 5 oz. stainless steel cups for food and water. A large grommet on one side allows you to insert the dispensing valve or tube of a water bottle strapped on to the outside.

Available in several sizes these bird backpacks can accomodate any pet bird. Made from luggage grade materials and bird safe hardware, your bird  can get out of the cage and go outside safely. All zippers have an auto-lock device that stops the zipper from sliding without lifting the puller and prevents accidental escape. All metal fasteners used in the interior are made with no lead and zinc.

Pak-o-Bird XL

Convenient, sturdy Pak-o-Bird carriers let you take your pet bird on hikes, bike rides, walks, car rides, outings or wherever! And when you’re done travelling, with the semi-rigid support panels and bars detached, the carrier can be unzipped and open up flat for a complete cleaning and easy storage.

Prices range from $155 for the XS size Pak-o-Bird (suitable for lovebirds, small parakeets, etc.) to a $600 XL carrier designed for large macaws.  Available direct from Celltei.  You can also find some sizes of the Pak-o-Bird at DrsFosterandSmith and