Our Favorite Small Pet Carrier

This is not a paid endorsement.  We bought these carriers ourselves and have not been in contact with the manufacturer.

We’ve tried a number of different small pet carriers over the years, and, so far, we like this one the best: The Cabrio Carrier System by Hagen catit 1 This carrier was designed for cats (the manufacturer calls it the “Catit Design Cabrio Cat Multi-Functional Carrier System”), but we’ve been using it for rabbits with great success.  The carrier is 10.7 x 16 x 21 inches, so we like it for small and medium size rabbits, but it isn’t large enough for the giant breeds (like PetravelR’s™ SpokesBunny Nora) to stretch out.  pet_cargo_cabrio_multiIt’s a very sturdy carrier that can be opened from both the front and the top.  This is particularly helpful if your cat, rabbit, or small dog resists being taken out of the carrier.  (We haven’t figured it out yet, but somehow all of our pets know when they are going to the vet.)  The carrier comes with a removable dual-compartment food and water dish that slides into a slot in the front door.  You just open the small hatch in the front of the carrier and insert the dish, which clicks into place.  The dish does reduce the available interior space slightly, but this is a really nice feature because you can provide fresh water and food without actually opening the carrier.  cabrio dish 22550780a

The carrier is airline-approved (although we haven’t tried flying with one yet).  And it comes with a detachable shoulder strap that clips to the front and rear of the carrier.  That could be useful for carrying it around empty, but I can’t imagine slinging the carrier over my shoulder with a pet inside – he’d be swinging back and forth and up and down as I walked.

Overall, we’ve been very happy with this carrier, as have some rescuers we know.  The only drawbacks I can think of are: (1) its weight – it’s heavy for its size, but that’s also why it’s so sturdy (let me know when they start making titanium pet carriers); and (2) the inability to attach a water bottle anywhere; with the traditional pet carriers you can hang a water bottle on the front door’s metal grid.

The Cabrio Carrier is available at a number of online retailers, including Drs Foster & Smith and Amazon.

5 thoughts on “Our Favorite Small Pet Carrier

  1. Classified

    Where can I buy This cage for my rabbit? We are going to maui do you think this cage is good for a long plane ride?

    Please respond soon
    THANK YOU!!!


    • PetravelR Post author

      These are probably a good choice for airplane travel if you cannot take your pet with you in the passenger cabin. They won’t fit under the seat for in-cabin travel, but they are some of the sturdiest carriers I’ve seen.

  2. PetravelR Post author

    Hi. I have not seen this carrier sold in any stores, but it is available online from Amazon and Petco.


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